Oct. 31st, 2007

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So a week or two ago I purchased a new bed. My previous bed was a hand-me-down, at least 6-8 years old and I was waking up stiff and not feeling very rested anymore. So after a significant amount of prodding from someone that I should do something about it I did. Along with my new bed I bought a fiberbed to overlay on top of it to make it similar to the pillowtop models now being sold (this was recommended by a number of resources as the best way to go) as well as a new sheet set and a new black velvet bedskirt for my bed.

I also took the opportunity provided to completely rearrange my bedroom which I'm pretty happy with as the room feels noticeably different as well as more open. It was after this rearrangement that I decided that I actually wanted to fully decorate the bedroom to make it more purposeful and fancy. I've always had intense jealousy over other peoples homes who always seem to be much cooler looking than mine. Of course some of that is my own fault as I am a rather geeky individual and it is difficult to make large amounts of Comics, Games, & Toys look "cool" to anyone else other than another uber-geek. It also fall in line with my wanting a more unified looking "home" with real quality furniture that will last many years if not the rest of my life that I've been working slowly towards.

However I do have a small problem.... I suck at decorating. I don't know where to find the cool stuff, what the cool stuff is and what to do with it once I do have it. So I'm looking to wiser people than myself to assist. First on my list is that I want to finish off by bed by buying a really nice looking bedspread/comforter/duvet. I've looked at a few places on line but haven't found a very large selection of Victorian / Gothic style covers. In my head I picture a deep red or purple color with intricate scroll-work or similar pattern. Does anyone have any suggestions as to wear to look for really cool bedding? Also does anyone have any good decorating tips to make a more unified look to my home and that expresses more of a Gothic sensibility rather than a what was available or on sale haphazard style.


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