Nov. 1st, 2007

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I'm feeling extremely agitated today as well as a weird kind of lonely. I'm feeling the need to communicate with people to be connected in someway but the thought of going out and doing something seems to be a little on the uncomfortable side. I've been refreshing LJ like a madman but there hasn't been too much posted today to really distract me.

I always get freaked out when I feel this way because my body actually vibrates and I've got this weird tingling all over. It feels like a "body high" that you get from certain types of drugs. I just literally want to jump right out of my skin. An aside, I just tried to look up "body high" and I couldn't find any medical references to it but tons of drug references. You'd think that someone would have addressed what causes this. In any event I'll be happy when this week is over since I've also been having trouble going to sleep as well and I need to use the weekend to reset my sleep schedule.

I really want sushi too, it just sounds damn yummy.

I wonder if my feelings today have anything to do with my post on Tuesday? My subconscious does tend to latch onto things and worry at them until some sort of conclusion or epiphany bubbles to the surface. Thinking about wanting to reconnect to people could very well have translated into a withdrawl like state today were I need my people fix. lol

I'm just hoping tomorrow is better.


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