Nov. 6th, 2007

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...that just will not go away. Sinus headaches are just no damn fun. This time of the year I seem to be more prone to them which leads one to believe there is some sort of pollen allergy issues going on.

It's interesting that until recently I never really thought all that much about allergies especially food allergies. However a friend & her roommate both have a range of food allergies which makes me think that I really should go in and get a complete batch of allergy testing done.

The problem is the same as always finding the time to go to the doctor and finding the engergy/will. Due to my life/financial situation I've never really had a doctor just a sucession of medical practictioners that I've been assigned to randomly as new insurance plans take effect or people leave, transfer, graduate etc. So I'm once again in the situation where I need to find a new doctor, although it would help if my damn insurance card would show up. :(

Also my supply of happy pills is close to running out so I'll need to get my shit together and soon.

But all I want to do right now is either cut off my head or shove a sharpened ice pick directly into my left eye and the base of my skull simultaneously. grrrr


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