Dec. 13th, 2008

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Amongst the much more serious financial problems I have you don't really notice the little things. For example my paid LJ account ended last week. When it first happened I didn't even notice. Then I tried to track an entry for a party and it told me that I had acceded my "maximum tracking", grumbling I dug around to figure out how to delete old tracking. Then a few days later I was typing a comment to another entry and found out that most of my user pics had been frozen including all my favorite and most often used. Even more grumbling followed as I found out I could not choose which 6 user pics I could use and had to remove everything but the 6 I was allowed before I could choose the ones I wanted. Then of course there is the ads which are now everywhere and while annoying are pretty much the same as any other website I frequent. I'm amazed at how much "free" LJ service has changed in the 1-2 years I've had a paid account. I guess I wound up spoiled because even though I assumed that I wasn't really using the paid account to its best ability I was using it more than I thought.

In the end it just drives home the point that I'm broke & things are tight but it's funny how it can be the little things, stuff you wouldn't think twice about when you did have money, that really bring that into focus.


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