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Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
This journal is first and formost a therapy tool for ME. It is by no means an accurate or complete view of my life, thoughts, beliefs or hopes. It is instead what I choose to write in here on any given day. I also try to write positive things in here and occasionally the boring mundane things about what I'm doing in here so my mother can see how things are going in my life as well.

However mostly it is a means of catharsis. To think that you could possibly understand what truly goes on in my head based on what little you read here is the utmost in hubris. Hell *I* don't truly know what goes on in my head half the time and believe me I know one hell of a LOT more about me than you.

This journal is a place to learn about me. Things in my life, problems that I'm having, bits of personal history. People who ask me "how are you","what's wrong" or who want to know about various other assorted things are told to read here because I really don't enjoy talking about it. Also the things written here are often more thought out and eloquent than I could explain in person. If that gives you the wrong impression sorry, not my problem.

So just remember when reading this journal to take the time to realize that what you read doesn't define me. It doesn't even come close.
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